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RE: Illinois Design Practitioner Act

I am writing you today as a member of the Illinois Interior Design Coalition (IIDC). The IIDC is a not-for-profit political action committee promoting, protecting and enhancing industry standards for Illinois interior designers in the State of Illinois. Our mission is to advance the design profession and promote standards to ensure that Registered Design Practicioners in Illinois are qualified to safeguard public health, safety and welfare for our clients.

It is our desire, as a coalition, to pursue legislation to develop a Design Practitioner Practice Act for our state. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this issue with you during the upcoming spring 2015 Legislative session.

We believe a Practice Act would benefit professional designers in the following ways:

  • Would provide design professionals the path for state licensure.
  • Would allow design professionals to run their own businesses and perform all duties necessary to make their business successful without interference from other regulated professions.
  • Design professionals would be given responsibility of their own work by granting them the privilege to stamp/seal drawings.
  • A practice act will create further competition in the marketplace, and would provide Registered Design Practitioners the ability to independently work with architects in code-regulated spaces.
  • Non-registered interior designers could partner with Registered Design Practitioners to provide direct supervision over technical submissions and stamp for permitting. Today this supervision and stamping is only permitted by a Licensed Architect.

Currently, there are over 3,000 interior designers in the State of Illinois, and 1,600 of them are registered professionals. It is important to point out that our legislation will in no way conflict with individuals who currently call themselves Interior Designers. We intend to introduce language that establishes a new professional category to define those professionals who practice in code-regulated spaces. By creating this new profession, you will clearly establish a role for design professionals who are currently limited in their professional expertise.

We are interested in working with you to enhance the standards of our profession and look forward to discussing the benefits of a Design Practitioner Practice Act during the upcoming legislative session. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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