The Illinois Interior Design Coalition (IIDC) is a legislative advocate dedicated to promoting, protecting and educating the profession of interior design in the state of Illinois.

Political advocacy is an on-going business necessity, protecting our legislative visibility and voice. Through fundraising events like Stitch, IIDC is able to meet its annual budget. This budget supports IIDC’s ability to monitor the thousands of bills introduced into the legislature each and every year.

Just a few of IIDC’s many accomplishments include the following:

  • Opposed the 2007 Gross Receipts Tax Bill which would have negatively impacted small business owners in Illinois. Any business generating less than $5,000,000 in annual revenue would likely have had to close their business within just a few years.
  • Amended the Title Act to regulate only the use of the title “Registered Interior Designer” which further aligns the Illinois Title Act with all other Title Acts across the United States and Canada.
  • Successfully renewed the Illinois Interior Design Title Act for 2012.
  • Successfully passed a revision to a Mechanics Lien Act in 2013 that helped strengthen the design and construction industry in Illinois.

IIDC is now turning its attention to increasing economic opportunities for interior designers. We are in the process of pursuing legislation that will allow those commercial interior designers who are qualified to stamp their own drawings/technical submissions for permitting purposes. This change will provide greater competition that will positively affect consumers in the State of Illinois.

For more information and to join in our efforts, please contact IIDC!

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Laws and Regulations

Interior Design legislation helps establish and maintain professional standards that protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public. IIDA firmly believes that legal recognition, achieved through licensing, registration, and certification brings uniformity to the profession, defines responsibility, and encourages excellence in the Interior Design industry. Visit the IIDA licensing guide to find out what states and jurisdictions .

Find out more about GRA, Legislation, and what states and jurisdictions have Interior Design legislation in place at the IIDA National Website.


IIDA Headquarters is monitoring potential new legislation proposed by Senator Mike Lee of Utah. The ALLOW Act (Alternatives to Licensing that Lower Obstacles to Work) is meant to deregulate and/or reduce the licensing requirements of professions including Interior Design. Interior Design is specifically mentioned in the ALLOW ACT summary but not listed in the actual bill language. CLICK HERE to read the summary. The goal of the Act is to stimulate the economy by making it easier for workers to practice in a new field for higher pay with less government regulation and financial burden on the state. We as Interior Designers must together stand against this legislation as it negatively impacts our profession. Interior Designers are educated to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Deregulating licensing places the public in more danger by potentially allowing unqualified and uneducated persons to practice in the field of Interior Design. This bill further devalues the importance of the Interior Designer today and the advancement of our profession as a reputable field. The ALLOW Act has not passed and has only been submitted for congressional review. IIDA Headquarters has been monitoring the ACT and will inform state chapters if additional actions are needed to oppose the bill.

Collaborate With Our Partner Disciplines

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